CPVan Launches Zigbee 3.0 Smart Home Devices

Shenzhen, China— Aug.27.2019 CPVan, a leading smart home devices provider, today introduced Zigbee 3.0 series products, the new and advanced products. Starting with the Zigbee Smart Gateway, following the Door&Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, T&H Sensor, Smoke Sensor  added security and deployment capabilities to home networks. 

With the successful implementation of the WIFI smart home series, home and businesses, organizations of every size have been able to install and maintain an accessible, reliable and unobtrusive smart home network in their house, vila, hotel and office. As every home has individual operational requirements, CPVan has expanded their product network solution to meet even more needs.

Key features of CPVan Zigbee technology devices: 

1. Low power consumption .

2. Short delay time.

3. Customizable network capable of including a large number of sub-devices.

4. Excellent reliability.

5. High security.